Am I Too Old for Breast Implants?

Absolutely not. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside, no matter how old you are. If cosmetic breast surgery would make you feel better about how you look – in clothes or out – there’s no reason to rule it out.

To date, my oldest patient was 72. She had small breasts and had been thinking about getting breast implants for a very long time. She had a new boyfriend, and the time was right for her.

She’s not alone. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more than 50 percent of breast augmentation patients are over age 35.

In my experience, older patients are highly motivated; they’re ready to make a change. They tell me that they’re fit and they feel good – younger than their age. Their kids are older and they have more time to take care of themselves.

What women want to know when they come in for a free consultation is if breast augmentation surgery can accomplish their goal. We answer that question by looking at before-and-after photographs of actual patients who started out similar to them in height, weight, frame size and breast volume. Read: Can You Make Me a Full C Cup?

No matter what you’re age, you’re never too old to look at before and after photos!

No matter how old you are, your general health will be evaluated to make sure that you can tolerate surgery, that you will heal well, and that surgery won’t make your condition worse. If it’s appropriate, your doctors will be contacted for medical clearance.

Depending on your age and family history, you may be asked to get a mammogram before surgery. The American Cancer Society recommends mammography screenings for women 40 and over and for any woman whose mother or sister has a history of breast cancer.

After surgery, at their post-op visits, older women have told me: “The process was so much smoother than I expected.” “Your staff and the hospital were terrific.” It was much easier than childbirth!” And “I can’t believe I waited so long.”

In her thank you note, a recent patient wrote: “Imagine: I never shopped for a bra in my life, never knew what it was like to have breasts, so to speak, and I was 43! I remember feeling unsure about my decision to have a breast augmentation, doubting whether I should invest so much in my physical appearance. But it has proven to be incredible; the breast augmentation surgery shifted my whole sense of myself as a woman as I gained unexpected confidence, pride and sensuality.”

Another patient wrote this: “Why didn’t I do this sooner? Finally, at age 58 I feel like a woman. I used to think my very flat chest was just me. But I found a whole new me – a new and improved version of the old me. I should wear a T-shirt that says: I waited 58 years for these and thanks to Dr. Eisenberg I have them!

Can I Get a Mammogram If I Have Breast Implants?

More than one-third of a million women in the United States have breast augmentation surgery each year, which means that radiologists are likely to have experience evaluating breasts with implants. When you register for your mammogram, the staff will likely ask you if you have breast implants. If they don’t, you can let them know. To maximize the amount of breast tissue that can be seen, the technician will gently displace (push up) the implants and will take extra views of each breast. Watch: “Can a Mammogram Break a Breast Implant?”