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Below is a sampling of recent GoogleHealthgrades and RealSelf reviews written by Dr. Ted Eisenberg’s patients about their experience with cosmetic breast surgery. We’re delighted to have so many happy patients, but what matters is if we can make a difference for you! Contact us for a free consultation; we guarantee that you’ll leave our office with accurate and honest information, happy that you’ve taken the time to get your questions about breast augmentation, breast implants, breast lift surgery and breast asymmetry answered.


I knew I was in great hands . . .

I wouldn't change a thing . . .

Breast lift with implants . . .

Going bigger 14 years later

“Dr. Eisenberg performed my breast augmentation surgery when I was 34. I was extremely happy. Fast-forward 14 years: At the age of 48 I went back to Dr. Eisenberg to go bigger. I had the surgery weeks ago. I feel and look great. Even less time was needed for recovery the 2nd time around. I was back to work in 3 days and back to the gym in 2 weeks. To me Dr. Eisenberg is an artist. I can’t recommend him enough. The hospital was fantastic as well. I was treated there with great care just like any other surgery. This man is the best in the business!!!”
– Dana M., Sept. 2020
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Thinking about breast augmentation for 10 years

“I’ve known I wanted my breasts augmented for over 10 years and it was just so hard to make a final decision to go through with it. I’ve gone to many consults throughout the years but always “chickened out.” I had my consult with Dr Ted Eisenberg on a Wednesday and had my breast augmentation surgery within 3 weeks. For a doctor and staff who only deal with breasts, you may think they would be tired of saying the same things over and over, answering the same questions – but no. Dr Eisenberg and staff are so very comforting and informational. Amazing to say the least. Not to mention that the surgery was not even close to how bad I thought it would be pain wise. Anywho, my experience with Dr Ted Eisenberg was amazing. Thank you, you have made me so happy in my life!”
– Cristina N., Aug. 2020
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Felt safe even during COVID

“From the start, Dr. Eisenberg made sure that I was comfortable through the whole process (even during COVID). He took the time to answer any and all questions that I had and answered some that I didn’t know that I had. His staff also makes sure that you are comfortable and assists anyway that they can. I’m a first-timer with any kind of surgery, let alone plastic surgery, and Dr. Eisenberg made me feel safe and reassured me that everything would be okay. Currently, I am two months post-op and I can honestly say that I can’t wait to go back and have my next post-op appointment. I highly recommend Dr. Eisenberg!”
– Jamie, Aug. 2020
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Flew in from Miami for my surgery

“I am in love with my breast augmentation!!! I flew in from Miami & everyone told me I was crazy for doing so because there are so many good doctors here. But nope – none like Dr. Eisenberg. He truly did an amazing job with me. I love my new boobies; I am a lot more confident. I couldn’t be any happier with my results. Thank you so much for everything.”
– Ali C. March 2018
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Why would you go to anyone else?

“Absolutely the best staff. Everyone was so nice; everything was taken care of and perfectly planned. I was so comfortable through the whole experience, it almost makes me sad I won’t need them again. His work is beautiful; check out his before & after photos. Dr Eisenberg knew exactly what I wanted and met all my expectations. Healing and recovery were fast and the virtual appointments made my life so much easier. Price was all-inclusive so it felt good not to be hit with any extra fees.”
– Aug. 2020, 2 months post-op
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He answered me honestly and put my mind at ease. . . 

“Dr. Eisenberg, I would like to thank you and your staff for number one caring about my well-being. Being a black African American woman it’s hard for us to trust health care professionals, but from my initial consultation I could tell that he generally cared about my health. I never felt pressured. When I had some follow up questions he answered me honestly and put my mind to ease. I got home that day from surgery and in the goody bag was a card from Dr Eisenberg and the staff . Such a lovely feeling. If you are undecided I highly recommend Dr. Eisenberg. I couldn’t be happier with my new boobs.”
– July 2021
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Amazing doctor and staff!!!

“I would give Dr. Eisenberg 100 stars if I could!!! Professional, knowledgeable, kind and patient. From start to finish he and his staff were nothing but wonderful! Answered all my questions and made me feel at ease with the procedure. I wanted the best so I went to the best!
– July 2020
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Second-time client 🙂

“This is my second time because I went bigger (D Cup)! I will not go anywhere else! Dr. Eisenberg and his staff are the most respectful, friendly, and caring people in the business! Class act – from their bedside manner in office to surgery … hands down…beyond top of the line! If anyone is thinking of getting breast augmentation, go to Dr. Ted Eisenberg. You will not be disappointed.”
– Dec. 2019
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Amazing doctor…amazing results

“I am only one-week post op, but I am already so pleased with my results and my recovery. Dr. Eisenberg is one of the most professional and understanding doctors I have ever had the privilege to deal with. He listened to exactly what I wanted and helped me make the best choice for my desired result. I truly felt that I was in the best hands, literally, from beginning to end. I would be remiss not to also mention how wonderful and caring his entire staff is as well. Thank you all for a spectacular experience!”
– July 2020, 7 days post-op
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Took the plunge after 18 years

“I wanted a lift and implants for almost 18 years and I finally took the plunge. It’s only 6 days after surgery and I couldn’t be happier! The doctor helped me gain insight on realistic expectations by showing me pictures of other women with my build and breast size. Recovery wan’t bad; it feels like my breasts are engorged like they were when I was breastfeeding. The range of motion in my arms is only slightly limited right now and scarring is minimal! Best decision I ever made!”
– June 2017
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I made the right decision 

"I am so happy and delighted that I chose your team for my breast surgery. You are all top notch and I couldn't be more pleased with the care you have given me. All of you were very thorough and I could tell each one of you really cared about me and what I wanted. I can't thank you enough! Additionally, the hospital staff at Nazareth was so kind and professional. I made the right decision choosing Dr. Ted Eisenberg!
– Jenna M., Sept. 2021
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Every question was answered

“Dr. Eisenberg and his team are amazing! He answered every question my husband and I had, provided a thorough explanation of the procedure and what to expect after, and made himself readily available if/when I had any additional concerns outside of scheduled appointments. The staff was extremely friendly and everyone made me feel so comfortable. I really can’t stress enough how awesome they all are. I’m VERY pleased with the results and have gotten so many compliments. Dr. Eisenberg is the man!
– Melissa, Oct. 2020
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Breast lift surgery

“I had a breast lift about 3 weeks ago, and I’m thrilled with the results! Dr. Eisenberg does a terrific job of clearly explaining how the procedure is done and what results you can expect. He patiently answered all of my questions. I never had to wait long to be seen or felt like my visit was rushed. I was immediately comfortable with him as my surgeon. His whole staff is very sweet and knowledgeable. The whole experience has been nothing but positive.”
– Felicia, Sept. 2020
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Feeling great one-week post-op

Dr. Eisenberg performed my breast augmentation one week ago. The following day I had almost no pain and felt great! I couldn’t believe it! I can’t wait to see my final results but what I have experienced so far has been nothing but professionalism. The staff and the doctor are knowledgeable, informative, and made me feel very comfortable and in control of my decisions. The entire process from consultation to surgery and after is very simple and easy!”
– Nina E., Feb. 2020
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Dr. listened to my goals

“Dr. Eisenberg is very kind and actually listens to you about your goals for surgery; I never felt pressured about anything. He was extremely patient, especially when I had apprehension about size; he offered to do the sizing consult again, which definitely put me at ease. The breast augmentation surgery was surprisingly easy and recovery was very quick with minimal pain; Dr. E and his staff do everything to make you feel as comfortable as possible. He even called me personally the next day to see how I was doing! I couldn’t be happier with my results.”
– KB, July 2019
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Flew in from Miami for my surgery

“I am in love with my breast augmentation!!! I flew in from Miami & everyone told me I was crazy for doing so because there are so many good doctors here. But nope – none like Dr. Eisenberg. He truly did an amazing job with me. I love my new boobies; I am a lot more confident. I couldn’t be any happier with my results. Thank you so much for everything.”
– Ali C. March 2018
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