Asymmetry and Tuberous Breasts

Breasts are sisters, not twins. Few women have identical breasts; the difference might be slight or more obvious. Chances are one of your feet is slightly larger than the other one, too. That’s because the two sides of the body are not perfectly matched mirror images. They are asymmetrical.

Breast asymmetry occurs when one breast does not develop fully compared with the other. When we talk about breast asymmetry, we are talking about a woman whose breasts differ in size by a half-cup or more. Depending on the extent of the asymmetry and what you hope to accomplish, you might be a candidate for a breast augmentation with breast implants of different sizes, a breast lift, a breast reduction, or some combination of these procedures. For more information about what’s involved in surgery and recovery, click on the above links to these three procedures.


Tuberous breasts are a congenital condition in which the breast might have a combination of a tubular appearance, a lack of skin under the nipple and/or the inframammary crease being higher than usual. According to one study, 50 percent of women who come in for breast augmentation have this concern.

While plastic surgery websites and Internet forums describe a complicated approach to correcting tuberous breasts using silicone implants, Dr. Eisenberg has achieved an equally aesthetic result by using saline breast implants in a simpler, safer, one-stage procedure.

At your free consultation, Dr. Eisenberg will examine and measure you. Oftentimes, women know that their breasts are different sizes, but they don’t know how much of a difference there is – and this is important in determining the surgical approach. You’ll see pictures of actual patients with breast asymmetry or tuberous breasts who are of a similar height, weight and frame as you. In the Asymmetry Photo Gallery, almost every woman had some degree of tuberous breasts; they all received saline implants.

Dr. Eisenberg’s article on One-Stage Correction of Tuberous Breast Deformity Using Saline Implants has been recently published in the American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery. Click here to read more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I just turned 18? Can I get breast implants?
A: You are not too young for saline breast implants, according to guidelines from the FDA and the implant manufacturers, but you are not eligible for silicone gel implants until you are 22. Age isn’t the only deciding factor. You also need to be fully grown before you have cosmetic breast surgery, which means there have been no changes in your height, weight or breast size for two years. Although most women finish growing by age 18, others continue to grow into their early 20s.

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